Stoneware - the ideal packaging material for spirits and food!

Why not try some packaging that will set you apart from other suppliers?
Why not offer the consumer your high quality products in containers that are a
visual treat such as stoneware jugs and stoneware pots?
At our family-owned company we have been making stoneware jugs and supplying
them to the spirits industry for over 200 years.
Our "clay bottles" can be filled with all types of products.

Large selection of shapes and
different coloured glazes
Genuine salt glaze
Capacity from 0.04 to 3 litres
With and without handles
Drinking vessels in different designs to
match the jug, together with saucers
Stoneware pots ideal for keeping mustard,
lard, beef dripping, honey etc.
Rabbit troughs/Pet feeding bowls

It is up to you to add a decal, a serigraph or a label.We are happy to engrave "your jug"
with your company logo.

All our products are food safe and are free of Lead and Cadmium (DIN 51031).
They are also acid-proof. (DIN 51102)

Our sturdy products are impervious to light and provide an excellent protection against
temperature fluctuations. Taking into consideration their production as well as their
disposal they are extremely environmentally friendly.

Cermore we manufacture cement bowls for outdoor usage. Diameter from 25 to 60 cm
White Ceramics SIO2 ( fuced silica )