Company History

Company History

In 1800 the "Jug Baker" (Kannenbäcker)
Heinrich Kalb  founded a  Jug Bakery  in
Baumbach  in  order  to produce jugs for
mineral  water.  He  was  included  in  the
list  of    Jug  Bakers  under  number  60.
He  was   a  descendant  of  the  pottery
master     Wilhelm     Kalb    (1614 -1663),
who    originated    from  the   stoneware
town  Raeren  close  to the  German city
of Aachen.

In  1904 the  name Kalb was changed  to  Kilburg.
The  company   continued  to  grow  reaching   its
present size under the management of the family's
7th generation.